How To Update An Old Brick Fireplace

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Does your home have an older brick fireplace that you aren't too keen on? Is the brick just not the right color, or does it have an outdated brass face that isn't your style? Don't remove that fireplace just yet; you can update it to make it more your style and look like a brand new fireplace with paint, a paintbrush and a few simple steps. See below for instructions on how to update your brass and whitewash your brick fireplace to give it a more modern look.

31 December 2014

4 Tips To Help Avoid Water Damage To Your Roof During Cold Weather


Roofs that are located in colder climates can be a little complex to deal with because of the increased possibility of water damage. Rainwater and snow are usually the culprits of water damage in colder locations. The accumulation of rainwater or snow will easily create a problem for your roof if it is not handled quickly. As a result, there are a few tips you should consider in order to protect your home from water damage during colder weather.

23 December 2014

3 Reasons To Get Your New Roof Professionally Cleaned On A Regular Basis


Getting a new roof installed can add significant value to your home, and add a fresh look to your property as well. While it will be some time before your roof starts to show any serious signs of wear and tear, it's still important to keep an eye on the situation. Here are 3 reasons why you may want to consider hiring a contractor that offers professional roofing services to clean your roof on a regular basis, even if you just got it installed.

18 December 2014

Common Myths About Residential Siding

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Maintaining the exterior of your home can be a challenging task because there is a seemingly countless number of tasks that must be regularly done to the home. Sadly, some people are unable to perform this type of work, and whether this is due to intense career responsibilities or disabilities, it can result in a severe degradation of the home's appearance. Luckily, siding is an excellent option for these individuals, but it is important to ignore two common myths about this option for your home.

28 November 2014