Considering An Addition? Consider These Things First

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There are many reasons for considering adding an addition to your home. Many times, it's for more reasons than you just want or need the extra room. If you have owned your home for a considerable amount of time, in addition to wanting more room, you may simply be unwilling to move. Selling your home, finding a new one, packing and cleaning, and moving everything is anathema to many people, and for good reason- it's a ton of work.

22 October 2017

Four Ways To Take Great Care Of Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

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Few things are as relaxing as sitting in front of a fireplace in your living room, enjoying the flicker of the flames and the faint smell of fire. But if you want your fireplace to keep providing a lovely ambiance without presenting a hazard to your family, you need to take good care of it. Here are four ways to take great care of your wood-burning fireplace. Remove ash regularly.

19 September 2017

Answering Three Questions About Dry Rot

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Dry rot is a serious problem that can impact any wooden structure. While dry rot is one of the more common problems that wood can encounter, you might not be familiar with the details concerning this particular problem. If you are to protect your house against the dangers of dry rot, you must be well-informed. Is Moisture The Only Cause Of Dry Rot? One of the primary causes of dry rot will be prolonged exposure to moisture.

25 August 2017

Do You Really Know What To Do If Your Basement Floods?

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A basement is one of the more neglected spaces in a home -- until there is a flood, that is. Do you know what to do? More than likely, the answer to that question is "no." Compared to other areas in a home, the basement typically has a more elevated risk, making a flood in this space a real threat. Be proactive and know how to protect your home by understanding what actions you need to take.

19 July 2017

3 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Working On Your First Road Construction Project

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If you've recently been hired by a road construction company, you're likely excited to head to work and get started. That said, it's important to keep in mind that working outside near any traffic-accessible road can be dangerous. You'll want to make sure you have the right work zone equipment for the job to make sure that drivers are aware of the construction site before they get there and that they can see you, the worker, as they drive through.

22 February 2017

3 Benefits Of Building A Metal Horse Stable

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If you are a horse lover, chances are good that you have stepped into quite a few horse barns over the years. Many of them might have had a traditional construction and may have been made of wood, and when you think about building your own barn, this might be the material that you think about the most. However, you may want to look into your other options first, such as a metal horse stable.

12 January 2017

Is Your Well's Pressure Tank Causing Low Water Pressure Throughout Your Home?

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There are many reasons for low water pressure in the shower or at the sink. If your whole home has low water pressure, then there's likely an issue with your pressure tank. Here's what you should know. Understanding Your Pressure Tank Pressure tanks hold the water that's pumped out of your well. The tank has both water and air inside it, which is what creates the pressure. Sometimes, that ratio of water-to-air can become one-sided.

30 December 2016

A Quick Look At The Advantages Of CD Stud Welding Systems For Inexperienced Users

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If you have little experience, the world of welding can look like a complex thing, especially with so many different welding tools and equipment to choose from and so many rules and processes to follow. CD stud welding, often also called capacitor discharge welding or simply stud welding, is one form of welding often preferred by novice welder just starting out because the process is simplified in comparison to arc or mig welding.

8 December 2016

Use Limestone Paving Blocks to Create a Fire Pit

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Use limestone paving blocks to create a fire pit in your backyard by completing the project below. The new outdoor feature can be used to warm up next to on crisp autumn night or grill food on during family gatherings. Gather Supplies measuring tape ground-marking paint rake garden tiller large shovel garden hoe limestone paving blocks paving stone adhesive trowel firewood charcoal lighting implement barbecue grate bucket of water Choose a Location for the Fire Pit and Clear the Ground

17 November 2016

Protecting Your Excavation Workers From Trench Collapse

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Digging trenches is often a necessary procedure in excavation, but not properly shoring them up can result in trench collapse. This dangerous situation puts your workers' lives at risk. That's why you need to do what you can to keep them safe by following these guidelines. Collapses Can Be Deadly If your excavation trench collapses without anybody inside, it's easy to re-dig it. However, if someone is in the trench, there's a good chance they will be seriously injured.

7 October 2016