3 Air Conditioning Tips For Parents

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As a parent, you probably rely on your home cooling system to keep your kids and your entire family cool, comfortable and safe during the summer months. These are a few helpful air conditioning tips that parents like you can remember and rely on all summer long.

1. Make Sure Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Clean

Indoor air quality is a big concern for many parents. If this is something that you are worried about, you should have your air conditioning unit cleaned once a year by an air conditioning maintenance and repair professional. Additionally, change the air filters on a monthly basis so that you can ensure that your indoor air quality is what you want it to be.

2. Prevent Kids From Adjusting the Thermostat

When your kids are home from school on summer vacation, you obviously want them to stay cool and comfortable. However, this doesn't mean that it's a good idea to allow them full access to the thermostat. If your kids move your thermostat up and down throughout the day, this can cause your unit to cycle off and on all day long, which can lead to much higher cooling bills. It can also add to the wear and tear on your unit. Instead, determine a good temperature to set your thermostat at, and make sure that it is kept at that temperature throughout the day. Consider offering personal fans so that your kids can keep themselves cool without adjusting the thermostat.

3. Know When to Call an Air Conditioning Repair Professional

Lastly, know when to call an A/C repair professional as a parent. If your air conditioning unit starts making strange noises or if your lights flicker every time that your air conditioning unit turns on, it could be an indication of a problem. Don't try to attack this problem yourself; instead, call an air conditioning repair professional to come out and take a look. If you find that your air conditioning unit is not cooling like it is supposed to or if it is not turning on at all when it should, these are also good times to call an air conditioning professional. Then, you can make sure that your unit works so that it can keep your kids cool during the summer months, and you can also make sure that your unit is safe to use.

If you are a parent, keep the tips above in mind so that you can keep your kids cool this summer season.


13 December 2019

Those Cold, January Nights

When I was in college, I lived in an old house just south of the university campus with five other girls. When we came back from Christmas break, the heater was broken. The beginning of January was the coldest time of the year, and because it was the weekend, the heating company couldn't come fix it for a few days. My roommates and I pulled our mattresses into the front room and slept all together to keep warm. Two weeks later, our heater broke again! That time we ended up getting a completely new furnace. Needless to say, we got to be good friends with the heating contractor that month, and it was a good experience that led to the creation of this blog.