Upcoming Demolitions Project? Here's How To Avoid The Headache

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Demolitions projects can cause headaches both literally and figuratively. Aside from potential issues that may stress you out, the noise can be a cause for head pain. If you have need for an upcoming demolitions project, there are ways to avoid the stress and potential headache that come with it.

Protect Your Ears

If demolition is taking place in or around your home, make sure you protect your ears. Workers exposed to 100 dB of sound for 2 hours or more must wear protective ear coverings, which means you should consider doing the same. Jackhammers and other equipment typically used for a demolitions project produce 130 dB of sound, which means ear plugs and other protective ear coverings can help you reduce the likelihood of a noise-induced headache.

Protect your Sanity

A demolition project often means going through a lot of red tape. For instance, residential demolition requires zoning approval. Not all neighborhoods allow demolition, so make sure you speak with the demolition company to ensure the project can proceed legally and respectfully based on your zoning laws and regulations. Keep in contact with the demolition company to ensure that everyone stays on the same page for a smooth, easy process that will not create undue stress and anxiety.

Protect Your Head

If you are prone to noise-inducing headaches, prepare yourself ahead of time by vacating the area or taking acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or another headache reducing medication beforehand. Preemptively preparing for increased noise levels can allow you to overcome the likelihood of developing a debilitating headache. Talk to a demolition expert to find out what suggestions he or she can offer to help you reduce the chances of severe head pain during the process.

Protect Your Reputation

There might be several reasons you need to go through with a residential demolition project. Perhaps you want to tear down an old house and put a new one in its place. Whatever the reason, it is best to protect your reputation. Angry neighbors can be a headache and a cause of stress and anxiety. Before the demolition work begins, inform your neighbors of what is going to take place.

Giving your neighbors a head's up gives them the chance to adequately prepare for the loud noises and work that will go on around them. It is a good idea to inform your neighbors in case they have pets that might not do well with the noise or residents who suffer from PTSD that can't handle loud noises. Giving your neighbors time to prepare can help minimize any upset.

Contact a local demolition team, like Kennah Construction, to find out what else you can do to prepare for an upcoming project so you can avoid any hiccups and unnecessary headaches.


26 August 2019

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