Types Of Springs That Might Be Used When A Garage Door Service Replaces A Bad Spring On Your Door


When your garage door springs get bad or break, you have no choice but to replace them because the door won't open without springs. Replacing springs is one job that should be done by a garage door service since it's dangerous to work with springs that are holding tension. When you have the springs replaced, you can choose from extension springs or torsion. You may want the same springs you had before or you may want to switch to a different style that's safer and lasts longer. Here are the two basic types of garage door springs and how they differ.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are common because they are the most affordable option. When you have extension springs, you'll see two springs on your door with one on each side. They pull the door by stretching the coils. There are a few different types of extension springs so you can choose one that is right for the weight of your door. If a tension spring snaps, it could create a dangerous situation, so it's necessary to attach the springs to a cable. If you're looking for a budget-friendly option when you need new springs, then extension springs would probably be a good choice.

Torsion Spring

A torsion spring is along the top of the garage door. If you have a light door, you'll probably just have one torsion spring. If your garage door is a heavy wood door, you may have two. These work by winding or coiling to create torque rather than stretching. These cost more than the extension springs, but they usually last much longer. Plus, they can lift heavy doors and open a door uniformly since one spring pulls up both sides rather than having a different spring on each side.

Springs are rated according to how many cycles they can endure rather than years, so it depends on how much you open and close the door when figuring out how long the door will last. You can buy a high-cycle torsion spring that provides many years of service if you tend to use your garage door frequently.

Once your garage door service has installed your new springs, you'll want to ask about maintenance. If you neglect the springs, they could rust since they're made of metal. You may need to lubricate the springs occasionally or call the garage door service to provide maintenance on your door on a regular schedule. If you decide to lubricate the springs yourself, be sure to use the right type of lubricant. Buy garage door lubricant at a home improvement store rather than use a general spray lubricant. 


12 July 2019

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