Working a Graveyard Shift? 3 Tips for Getting the Right Blackout Curtains at Home


Working graveyard shift means changing up your sleep schedule to one that may not be the most comfortable due to how much light you'll be exposed to while trying to sleep. With the graveyard shift, you'll likely be sleeping during the day, making it important to block out as much light as possible so that you can be comfortable while sleeping. Since even a small amount of light can wake you up suddenly, it makes sense to look for getting blackout curtains that will provide as much room darkening as possible.

Look for Dual-Layer Curtains

When you're eager to get the right curtains for your home, you should stay away from curtains that are too thin or only have a single layer. Regardless of the color of the blackout curtains, a single-layer curtain panel can be far too thin to block out light completely. Looking for dual-layer curtains instead can make sure that no light is being filtered inside and that you're able to be comfortable with the curtains that you choose.

Prioritize Darker Colors

As you check out different options for blackout curtains, you'll notice that the colors can differ quite a bit. From bright colors to neutrals, it's important to consider how much they can vary in terms of filtering light. If you want the curtains to be as effective as possible at blocking out light, it's a good idea to stick with darker colors and avoid anything too light, since it can be difficult to keep the light out.

Being careful to choose curtains that aren't too light will help maximize their effectiveness without costing any more money. If you're set with picking light-colored curtains, make sure they have a double layer with a dark panel behind them.

Make Sure They're Easy to Clean

Taking a look at the different materials used for blackout curtains can help you get a better idea of how easy it will be to keep them clean. With how much dust and other debris can stick to curtains, you'll want to make sure that you're able to spot clean or even machine wash when necessary. Taking a look at the materials and what their cleaning instructions say can make a big difference in how clean the curtains stay.

With so many options for blackout curtains, you'll want to be careful to choose curtains that will be effective at blocking out the light. With your priority being to make your bedroom dark when working the graveyard shift, the above tips can help lead you towards the right curtains. Contact a company that specializes in window treatments for more information.


7 March 2019

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