What To Consider For Your Rooftop Landscaping When You Own A Condo

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You own a condo and love your private space. However, you don't have much of a yard, and you want to have a private landscape you can enjoy whenever you wish. Adding a rooftop landscape is a unique way to still have a beautiful yard of sorts you can relax in or entertain guests with.

Before you talk to a landscaper, use this guide to help you determine just what type of landscape you want to create. You can bring your ideas to your landscaper so together you can come up with the ideal greenery for your condo's rooftop.

Consider small shrubbery

Rooftop shrubbery should be decorative yet small, so the foliage doesn't get destroyed in high winds on top of your roof. Consider small decorative flowering shrubs such as barberry or a cola plant. Your landscaper will help you choose shrubbery that fits with your climate and decorative needs.

Consider a walking path

If you have a larger rooftop to work with, add a walking path to divide grassy areas and give your landscape a more whimsical, charming appeal. Your landscaper will help you choose between brick pavers, stone, or cement blocks to create a walking path that is easy to install and care for.

Consider potted plants

Potted plants are ideal for a rooftop landscape design because the plants aren't rooted in one particular spot. If you want to place your plants around an outdoor bench or swing, you can. Or, you can place your potted plants along your window well for a charming view both inside and outside your home.

Consider grassy areas

Add grassy areas to the top of your roof, so your kids or pets have a small place to play. When adding grass to your rooftop, keep in mind that you'll have to fence in the area for added protection. You can break up grassy spots with a small garden or rock path that your landscaper can install for you.

When installing a landscape on your condo's roof, you need to create a budget. If you plan on adding a patio or other entertainment area, let your landscaper know so you can create greenery around your entertainment space with ease. You don't want your rooftop landscape to be too crowded, so start with a few small plants and shrubs then have your landscaper add more greenery as your existing plants flourish. The right landscape design will make your rooftop a pleasant place to relax and enjoy your condo's unique views.

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1 August 2018

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