3 Tips For Effective Dumpster Rental For Large Demolition Projects

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If your company has a demolition project coming up, you are going to need to rent some dumpsters. Having dumpsters on-site from the start of the job will help you keep a clean and safe work environment by avoiding the build-up of piles of debris.

Know How Much Debris You Are Going to Create

First off, it helps to know how much debris you are going to create. That can help you determine what size dumpster you need, or how many dumpsters you need. With a demolition project, it is not uncommon to require multiple dumpsters in order to clean up the work site.

For a building, you will typically use the formula: length x width x height x 0.33/27 in order to get the cubic yards of debris that the building may generate. Many dumpster companies may also be able to help you estimate how much debris will be generated by your demolition project if you provide them with the parameters of your project.

Know the Type of Debris You Are Going to Create

Second, you need to know the type of debris that your job is going to create. Dumpsters often have a weight limit, so you can't just fill the dumpster up to the top with concrete, for example.

If you are getting rid of really heavy material, some dumpster companies will actually recommend that you rent multiple smaller dumpsters. Smaller dumpsters are preferred over larger dumpsters when getting rid of heavy material due to the weight of the dumpster and the ease of transporting it.

Additionally, some dumpster companies require the use of specific types of dumpsters for specific types of debris. Let the dumpster company know what type of debris your project will be generating so you can rent the right type of dumpster. You may even need to separate your debris into different types of dumpsters.

Know the Schedule You Need to Keep

Finally, know what your demolition schedule is going to look like. Know when you are going to start the project, how long the project will last, and what your goals are for the creation and disposal of debris are on either a daily basis for smaller demolition projects or on a weekly basis for larger demolition projects.

Develop a schedule for when you need to have dumpsters dropped off, as well as when they should be picked up and removed from the job site. Find a dumpster rental company that is able to meet your drop-off and pick-up needs. With a contract job, you need to find a dumpster rental company that can commit to a specific schedule so you can keep your job on track.

When working on a large demolition project, you need to know how much debris your project will generate as well as what type of debris it will create. You also need to develop a pick-up and drop-off schedule for dumpsters to ensure that you keep your work site safe and clean, and your project on track.


21 June 2018

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