Three Reasons To Buy Your Water Heater Through Your Plumber

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Commercial buildings need care and upkeep, just like houses do. When something goes wrong with your plumbing, you will need to call in a commercial plumber to check on the problem. Commercial plumbers are equipped with the knowledge to take care of large systems inside of businesses. Even if your brick-and-mortar business is small, you will still need to order commercial-level plumbing products for the interior of your business. If you need a new hot water heater, you should order this directly from your commercial plumber. Here are three reasons why you need to go through your plumber when purchasing plumbing products such as heaters. 

They know the commercial standards for the area

A commercial plumber will understand the difference between what a business needs and what a home needs. While a home may be able to run on a much smaller water heater, the capacity of a business water heater will need to be much higher. The water heater may need to have a higher output than usual if the business is several thousand square feet or hosts a lot of employees and customers throughout the day. A commercial plumber will lead you to a hot water heater that operates at a consistent level for your space. 

They will lead you towards the longest-lasting deals

The knowledge of those who buy water heaters and plumbers who install water heaters will be different. Since plumbers have knowledge of dozens of brands and machines, they will know which machines tend to last the longest and which machines they see on service calls the most. Some machines work better for large offices versus smaller spaces. Having this intimate knowledge of water heaters will help lead you towards the right machine for your business. 

They know how to get the best deal

Plumbers have access to commercial products on a constant basis. Some stores require a general contractor's license or a plumbing license in order to be able to purchase products. You get around this step when you order through your plumber rather than finding the product on your own. A commercial plumber may also be able to get a commercial price for the machine, bringing the total for your water heater to much less than usual. The fee for the water heater and the installation can be a package deal to make it easier for installation service. 

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3 May 2018

Those Cold, January Nights

When I was in college, I lived in an old house just south of the university campus with five other girls. When we came back from Christmas break, the heater was broken. The beginning of January was the coldest time of the year, and because it was the weekend, the heating company couldn't come fix it for a few days. My roommates and I pulled our mattresses into the front room and slept all together to keep warm. Two weeks later, our heater broke again! That time we ended up getting a completely new furnace. Needless to say, we got to be good friends with the heating contractor that month, and it was a good experience that led to the creation of this blog.