Is Your Water Pressure Decreasing Daily? What To Know Now

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Is the water pressure in your home continuing to get worse, and getting so bad that it's difficult to wash your hair or dishes? If so, you want to consult with a plumbing contractor to see where the flaws are, and to figure out why the pressure is so low. Here are some of the common problems that are diagnosed when there is a water pressure issue, and things that can be done by the professionals to fix the issues.

Clogs and Poor Quality Fixtures

Often the source of low water pressure is clogs throughout the pipes, and fixtures that are clogged or not working properly. Plumbing contractors can come to the house to send a scope down into the plumbing, which will show if clogs or mineral or grime accumulation is the source of the lacking pressure, and to determine what needs to be done. Flushing and cleaning may be the solution for your home.

Problem from the Water Source

If the water isn't traveling fast enough or with enough pressure from your water source, this is a problem that may have to be fixed outside of your home. Have a contractor check to see if the water line connection from the house to the road has been tampered with, or if there is a pressure problem in your area. They may have to look into the city plumbing lines to find the answer.

Pipe Construction and Configuration Errors

When a house is old, there could be some pipe alignment and configuration problems. If you have added on to the house since it was constructed, this can also be an issue with the plumbing. Have a plumbing contractor look at the layout of the pipes to see if there are too many bends or curves that are causing the water to lose pressure, or to see if it's causing the issues. A plumbing upgrade may be necessary for a solution.

You never want to try to do something with your plumbing on your own, since a DIY project gone wrong with plumbing can lead to water flooding your home or the property around it. Talk with the plumbers and get them to your home right away, to see if you need new pipes or fixtures, or to know what else needs to be done so you can get the pressure that you need when you are cleaning, bathing or anything else.  


8 February 2018

Those Cold, January Nights

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