Answering Three Questions About Dry Rot

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Dry rot is a serious problem that can impact any wooden structure. While dry rot is one of the more common problems that wood can encounter, you might not be familiar with the details concerning this particular problem. If you are to protect your house against the dangers of dry rot, you must be well-informed.

Is Moisture The Only Cause Of Dry Rot?

One of the primary causes of dry rot will be prolonged exposure to moisture. When wood is allowed to stay moist for long periods of time, it can create conditions that are well-suited for the fungus that causes dry rot. Due to the fact that this damage is largely caused by a fungus, it can be possible for the damage to the wood to continue to worsen even during periods when the wood will dry out. This can make this form of rot particularly problematic due to its ability to progress in a variety of conditions.

Is Dry Rot A Serious Problem For Your Home To Have?

Dry rot will cause the wood that is impacted by this problem to become unsightly. If the wood that is suffering from the dry rot is painted, the paint will likely start to peel, which can expose the full extent of the damage. While the cosmetic damages that can be caused by dry rot are major issues, there are more serious problems that it can cause. Eventually, the wood that is suffering from the dry rot will become extremely weak. Depending on the role of the compromised wooden component, it can be possible for dry rot to cause structural integrity problems.

Is It Possible To Repair Wood That Has Dry Rot?

Once a piece of wood has developed dry rot, you might assume that it will always have to be replaced to repair the damage. Yet, it may be possible to repair minor dry rot. This is done through sanding the compromised sections of wood until the fungus that is causing the dry rot is removed. To restore the shape of the wood, a filler can be used. Unfortunately, it is not possible to perform this type of repair when the dry rot extends deep into the wood. Also, if the compromised wooden component is loadbearing, it may not be possible to sufficiently repair it. In these situations, replacing the component will be the most effective long-term solution, and this can make the benefits of investing in having these components replaced worth the inconvenience.

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25 August 2017

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