3 Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Working On Your First Road Construction Project

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If you've recently been hired by a road construction company, you're likely excited to head to work and get started. That said, it's important to keep in mind that working outside near any traffic-accessible road can be dangerous. You'll want to make sure you have the right work zone equipment for the job to make sure that drivers are aware of the construction site before they get there and that they can see you, the worker, as they drive through. Here are three safety tips to keep in mind when working on a road construction site.

Never Turn Your Back to Traffic or Equipment

When on a road construction site, it is critical to remain alert of your surroundings at all times. During the course of the day, there may be a time when you need to walk from one part of the site to another. That said, it's important to never turn your back to oncoming traffic or to a piece of moving construction equipment. Yes, you'll eventually have to turn in the other direction to get moving, but the point is to have eyes in the back of your head and be aware of what could be coming at you even as you walk away.

Wear the Correct Safety Apparel, Especially at Night

While on a construction site, make sure you are wearing bright colored safety equipment, including a hard hat and a vest if available. You want it to be immediately obvious to any vehicle rounding the bend that there is a person standing there as soon as they see you. You should be extra vigilant during nighttime or during a rainstorm when there might be reduced visibility. Wear reflective gear on your clothing and consider switching to a hard hat with a light attachment if available.

Make Sure Work Zone Warnings Can Be Seen Well Ahead of Any Curves in the Road

If you are working on a road that has a curve and traffic will be coming out of that curve towards your site, you need to make sure that you are placing work zone equipment like warning signs and traffic barrels on the other side of the curve so that drivers know to slow down before they hit the bend. Granted, you might not be personally in charge of this task but if you notice an area is not sufficiently marked, don't be afraid to speak up to your superiors and let them know about the situation.

When working on a construction site, make sure you are alert at all times, being sure to never turn your back towards oncoming traffic. With the right safety gear and other work zone equipment like construction signs, you should be able to get through your workday unscathed. For more information on safety gear and warning signs, contact a work zone equipment provider such as Stripes & Stops Company, Inc.


22 February 2017

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