A Quick Look At The Advantages Of CD Stud Welding Systems For Inexperienced Users

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If you have little experience, the world of welding can look like a complex thing, especially with so many different welding tools and equipment to choose from and so many rules and processes to follow. CD stud welding, often also called capacitor discharge welding or simply stud welding, is one form of welding often preferred by novice welder just starting out because the process is simplified in comparison to arc or mig welding. To better understand CD stud welding, it is a good idea to take a look at these common questions and answers from inexperienced welders.

What exactly is a CD stud welder?

A CD stud welder is a welder that uses charged capacitors at a specific current -- depending on the materials used to -- create a weld. The CD stud welding system offers a handheld gun with a trigger that you apply pressure to when starting to weld materials. When the trigger is compressed, an ignition tip instantly melts the stud and the base material you are welding to in order to cause a molten spot for a stud to enter.

Why is a CD stud welder easier to use than other welder types as a beginner?

Welding with a stud welder gives you greater control over the weld without so much effort because you basically only need to aim your welding gun and pull a trigger to create a bond. There are fewer steps involved in the welding process because of the precise nature of CD stud welding. There is no gluing of materials to hold a bond until a weld is secure and no punching or riveting involved as precautionary measures after a weld is complete. 

What applications are best for CD stud welding?

CD stud welding is used in an array of different applications. However, the method is probably most relative to industrial manufacturing processes that involve binding sheet metal pieces or sheet metal to fasteners because CD stud welders make this possible without damaging the thinner materials. Automobile manufacturing, ship building, home construction, and many other industries frequently employ CD stud welders for varyious tasks. 

In the end, a CD stud welder is usually a good starting point if you consider yourself a novice or you are just beginning with welding processes. If you would like to know more about CD stud welding, talk to a welding contractor who lives in your area for advice.


8 December 2016

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