Use Limestone Paving Blocks to Create a Fire Pit

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Use limestone paving blocks to create a fire pit in your backyard by completing the project below. The new outdoor feature can be used to warm up next to on crisp autumn night or grill food on during family gatherings.

Gather Supplies

  • measuring tape
  • ground-marking paint
  • rake
  • garden tiller
  • large shovel
  • garden hoe
  • limestone paving blocks
  • paving stone adhesive
  • trowel
  • firewood
  • charcoal
  • lighting implement
  • barbecue grate
  • bucket of water

Choose a Location for the Fire Pit and Clear the Ground

Choose a flat part of your backyard to install the fire pit in. Decide how large you would like the feature to be and mark a squared-shaped section on the ground with spray paint. Rake the marked section to remove large pieces of debris. Use a garden tiller to lift sod from the marked portion of the ground. The tiller needs to be moved through the square-shaped area in straight lines.

Remove the loosened sod from the ground with a large shovel. Use a rake to level out the dirt once you have finished. Purchase enough limestone paving blocks to construct the fire pit from.

Secure the Limestone Blocks

Use a garden hoe to create a shallow trench over the painted outline on the ground. The trench will assist with stabilizing the bottom row of limestone paving blocks. Apply an even coat of paving-stone adhesive to the side of the first block that will be adjoined to another one with the flat side of a trowel. Place the bottom side of each block in the trench and press the sides that are covered with adhesive firmly together.

Apply adhesive to the sides of the remaining blocks that will be adjoined and that are being used to create the bottom of the fire pit. Add additional rows of blocks and adjoin sides of blocks with an even layer of adhesive. Read the instructions that were enclosed with the adhesive in order to determine how long you will need to wait for the product to dry.

Talk to a company such as Small's Sand Gravel Inc to get materials like limestone blocks. 

Add Fire Wood or Charcoal and a Barbecue Grate

Place a small pile of firewood or an even layer of charcoal in the center of the fire pit. Light the item you have chosen. If you will be preparing food, set a barbecue grill over the top of the fire pit and spread the food items that you would like to cook evenly across the grill. After using the fire pit, douse the flames in the center with a bucket of water.


17 November 2016

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