Help! How Do You Paint A Tall Hallway Over A Staircase?

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Safety has to come first when you are painting in a dangerous spot such as a tall hallway over a staircase. An extension ladder will make the job easier if it is in your budget, but you still need to proceed with caution. If you lose your balance, you could make a huge hole in the wall. Needless to say, what happens to you when you hit the floor?

Tip #1: Make a Platform: Place an extension ladder on the stairs and lean it against the opposite wall. On the other side, place a step ladder at the top of the stairs. Spread a platform across the area. The platform can be made by using plywood deck attached to 2x4s. Place nails to each end of the boards to prevent the platform from sliding off of the ladders. Be sure this is securely anchored, so it can't slip on the stairway.

Tip #2: Cut It In: The chore can be much easier if you choose the same color paint for the ceiling as you do for the walls. Much of the time is spent cutting in. You can reduce the time in the awkward hallway over the staircase and not need to focus on keeping the two colors separated.

Tip #3: Extend It: You can purchase an extension pole for the job. There should be one you can use to fit your budget, from the most basic to an OptLoc. An inexpensive option could be an aluminum rod because it is also easy to handle which makes it ideal for the job. You can devise an edging tool with a brush, the extension rod, and some tape.  An extension ladder might be another wise investment if it is possible for your situation. Each of these tools will speed up the process.

Tip #4: Keep It Tidy: Placing drop cloths are essential to keep the flooring paint-free. They should be secured in place with masking tape. If you have a banister rail, you can use a plastic wrap like you use in the kitchen to protect its surface. You need to be diligent and keep the protective cloths smooth so you don't risk injury getting your feet tangled in them while you are painting.

It is advisable to have a helper for this process because it is a safety issue. With these suggestions, a do-it-yourself person should be able to accomplish this task. However, if the height and awkward positioning makes you uneasy, it might be advisable to bring in a team of professionals. Painters that perform this type of work daily will have all of the tools needed to make your home sparkle with new paint.

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9 August 2016

Those Cold, January Nights

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