3 Small Solar Panel Arrays That Can Greatly Reduce Your Reliance On The Grid

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If you are interested in going off the grid for more energy saving, it can be a costly investment to power your home with renewable energy alone. This is why many people choose smaller solutions and DIY projects to integrate solar energy into their homes. It can be anything from solar landscaping lights to small arrays of panels. If you want to get started with solar energy, here are some of the smaller solutions that you may want to consider for your home:

1. Solar Exterior Solutions With Lights For Landscaping

The exterior of your home can be one of the most affordable places to start with energy improvements. You may want to start with something like landscaping lights, which can be as simple as small LED lights that you set in the ground. There are also improved solutions for exterior solar lighting, which can be used to power things like entrance lights. If you have other landscaping design elements like water features, you may want to talk with a solar installation service about installing a system to power all these things.

2. Small DIY Solar Installation Kits To Power Appliances

Another option that you may want to consider is a small DIY solar kit, which usually comes with everything you need to plug in a few appliances. This can be good if you do a lot of projects and want just enough power to operate a few tools for weekend projects. It can also be a good solution for other small appliances, such as a computer or maybe a TV that you only use a couple of hours a day.

3. Light Solar Panel Arrays That Can Reduce Your Electrical Costs

If you want to have a more complete system for your solar panels, you may want to consider an array with a couple of panels. You can have these systems professionally installed, and they can power things like lighting and some of your home appliances. You may want to talk with the solar service about electrical devices you want solar energy to power and the type of installation that will be right for your home.

These are some of the small solar energy solutions that can help you save energy and reduce your power bill. If you need help with the installation of some of these systems, contact an electrical contractor like EJ Kennedy Master Electrician and talk with them about the best place to get started with renewable energy in your home. 


8 July 2016

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