How To Prevent Snow Accumulation On An Unfinished Roof

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Spring and fall are the two seasons of the year where you are taking chances with the weather while putting on a new roof. Your roofing contractors may have some ways to prevent the weather from making a mess of the roofing installation, but unexpected snowfall occurs when the contractor's crew are not working, you may need to protect the roof yourself. Here are some ways you can prevent snow accumulation on your unfinished roof until the snow melts and/or the roofers return to finish the job.

Tarp It Up

Get some of the biggest construction or paint tarps you can buy. Make sure they have the metal grommets along the edges of the tarps. Stretch these over the top of your unfinished roof and use rope to tie the tarps down to the ground. By tying down the tarps, your unfinished roof is not only protected against the snowfall, but also against any blowing winds that might pick up the edge of a tarp and fold it back, exposing the roof. After it has stopped snowing, you can untie the tarp and pull it to the ground with all of the snow on top of it.

Use the Construction Scaffolding to Create a Canopy/Sling

If your roof is really high up and the construction crew has to use scaffolding to get up onto the roof to finish it, then you could utilize the scaffolding to prevent snow accumulation.  Take large blankets, some clothespins and some rope up onto the unfinished section of roof. Run the rope back and forth between the scaffolding to create a clothesline of sorts. Now use the clothespins to clip the blankets, towels, etc. to these ropes, taking care to make everything nice and taught. Your makeshift canopy will now catch plenty of snow, just like a giant sling, and hold onto it until you empty it or until it melts and spreads out over the distance of the blankets, towels, etc.

Push the Snow Down Off the Roof as Frequently as You Can

This final method will require that you get onto your roof by yourself. However, you can push the snow and ice off the roof on a half-hour or hour basis, maybe even every three hours if your town is only getting a few inches and the snow is coming down very lightly. Get a special snow shovel called a "snow pusher" and set it up on the unfinished roof the minute the weather changes to something less than pleasant. Then you can climb up as often as you are able and use the snow pusher to get rid of the snow so it does not damage the unfinished roof and cannot accumulate. To learn more, speak with someone like Liberty Exteriors LLC.


23 March 2016

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