Great Features For Your Inground Swimming Pool

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Adding an inground swimming pool alone is a luxury for your home. However, the trend is to make a destination out of your backyard with the pool as the centerpiece. Designers are creating backyard retreats complete with features around the pool. Select the most useful and beautiful features for your backyard retreat.


One of the most common additions to an inground pool is a spa. It makes sense – who doesn't want a relaxing soak? Likewise, you can use your spa any time of year. Fiberglass spas are pre-fabricated, while gunite tubs are custom made. You can easily assimilate either one into your pool design. It's possible to have the spa separate from the pool, or you can integrate the two to create a feature where the two bodies of water meet. In fact, if you raise the spa over the pool, the wall can provide a surface for a waterfall.


Even without a spa, a waterfall is a relatively easy addition to your swimming pool. A waterfall not only looks beautiful, it provides soothing water music. Look for a space in your pool design that contractors can raise and direct water to flow from. Design options range from a naturalistic waterfall made of boulders to a sheet of granite that offers a modern look.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is another beautiful feature for your inground pool. Designers can create a pattern of LED lights that provide stunning effects in the dark. What's more, they provide actual light for your night swimming. Designers can also place fiber optics in a waterfall for a further light effect.


As the Landscaping Network explains it, cabana is a three-sided structure that provides privacy at the pool site. In fact, a pergola with screens fits the bill, though cabanas can also feature hooks for towels, built-in seating and storage. Position the cabana so that it's easily accessible from both the pool and the house. A cabana makes your inground pool a destination even on the sunniest days because you have a place to relax in the shade.

Outdoor Shower

Another useful addition to your backyard retreat is an outdoor shower. The shower can be a simple space for rinsing off, or it can provide bathing al fresco. If you just want a shower for rinsing off, incorporate it near the pool for easy access. If you plan to bathe outside, though, you'll require privacy and a drain that connects to your house's sewer system. Either way, plan a shower that follows the overall theme of your pool area, be it Mediterranean, modern or lagoon in style.

Features such as waterfalls and LED lighting add beauty while spas and cabanas make your swimming pool a more enjoyable retreat. Visit a pool company like Easton Pool & Spa for more ideas.


23 March 2016

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