How To Preserve The Life Of Your Furnace

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One of the most important features in your home is your heating system, a fact that is very clear if it malfunctions in the middle of winter. Fortunately, your furnace should last for decades as long as it is properly maintained. You can help your furnace last longer by taking a few simple steps.


Although you've been told that you should change the furnace filter regularly, you may not always be conscientious about it. You need to take care of this task for several reasons. First, the air circulating in your home will be cleaner and so will your duct work. Your furnace will work more efficiently so your heating bills will go down. More importantly, changing the filter helps preserve the life of your unit. Your furnace heats your home by having cool air pass over the heat exchanger. This action warms the air, and then the blower disperses the air through your home. If your filter is clogged, the cool air is impeded, meaning you do not get nearly the heating power that you should. The heat exchanger itself can become overheated and crack. 

Yearly Check

Having your heating and cooling professionals, like the ones at Borter Heating & Air Conditioning Co, check and clean your system at least once a year is important. The service is affordable, and your technicians can find possible problems before they become serious issues. They will also clean and check your ductwork. This keeps dirt and other allergens from flying throughout your house and causing respiratory problems. 

Your HVAC experts will also give your furnace a "tune-up" that includes tightening loose electrical connections, checking and calibrating your thermostat settings, lubricating the parts, and checking the gas and oil connections. In addition to these steps, they should also check the controls to make sure the furnace turns on and shuts off as it should. These procedures will prolong the life of your furnace and keep you and your family safe at the same time.

A furnace is a significant investment, one that should last for decades if it is treated well. You can extend the life of your furnace by scheduling regular checks and tuneups. You should also be vigilant about changing the furnace filter regularly. When your furnace is operating at peak capacity, you save money on energy costs and avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the system. Proper maintenance does not take long or cost much money, and it results in a long and healthy relationship with your furnace. 


23 December 2015

Those Cold, January Nights

When I was in college, I lived in an old house just south of the university campus with five other girls. When we came back from Christmas break, the heater was broken. The beginning of January was the coldest time of the year, and because it was the weekend, the heating company couldn't come fix it for a few days. My roommates and I pulled our mattresses into the front room and slept all together to keep warm. Two weeks later, our heater broke again! That time we ended up getting a completely new furnace. Needless to say, we got to be good friends with the heating contractor that month, and it was a good experience that led to the creation of this blog.