Make Your Cedar Fence Into Entertainment for Your Kids


Installing a cedar fence around your yard to keep your kids in a safe zone is a wonderful concept. Cedar fencing is durable and beautiful and will last longer than your kids will be children. The fencing that you have installed can be used to provide your kids with hours of entertainment in the yard. Below, you will find a few good ideas of how to utilize the fencing for outdoor activities.

Kids' Gardening

Teaching kids all about gardening will give them skills that they can use throughout their lives. It is also fun, and it can help provide the family with healthy foods that the kids enjoy eating because they grew it with their own two hands.

The fence can be used to help with the gardening in two different ways—organizing the gardening supplies and/or creating a container garden.

Hooks installed on the fence can be used to hang their shovels, buckets and other garden tools, and you can install a wooden countertop with plastic bowls placed on it for handwashing and watering the plants. If you want to go all out, you can run your garden hose and attach it to the fence with a shutoff valve so the kids can get the water they need without leaving the hose running for hours on end.

If you have limited space in your yard, a fence-hung container garden can provide the kids with the space needed to grow a few plants. They won't be able to grow heavy plants, like cantaloupes, but they can grow some strawberries and maybe some tomatoes and smaller plants that they enjoy.

Get creative with what you use for the planters—think about old rain boots, painted coffee cans, or PVC piping that the kids decorate and hang on the fence. It will look fun and give them something to do while they are out in the sun.

Giant Outdoor Chalkboard

Chalk isn't always fun for parents in the house, but kids always love playing with it. Making a giant outdoor chalkboard to hang on the fence is one way to keep both the kids and the parents happy.

To make the chalkboard you will need plywood, sander, primer, and chalkboard paint. Sand the plywood so that it is as smooth as you can get it. Apply a coat of primer and then a coat of the chalkboard paint.

Hang it on the fence using heavy-duty screws and hang a few buckets with lids on the fence below or beside it to keep the chalk in.


Gathering and hanging a few old buckets, cans, or laundry baskets can give the kids hours of fun. The kids can use these targets as they would a basketball hoop and toss balls into them. You can either cut the bottoms of the containers out or drill holes so that rainwater can drain out of them depending if you want the balls to drop to the ground or get caught in the bucket or basket.

Get creative with what you do to your fencing. Your backyard can be your kids' favorite place to spend free time through all of the seasons this year. If you would like to install a cedar fence, contact a representative from a company like City Wide Fence Co.


18 November 2015

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