Repair And Seal An Asphalt Play Area On Your Property

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If your child plays on an asphalt-covered area on your property and the surface of it is cracked, you may be concerned about him/her becoming injured while enjoying activities outdoors. Learn how to repair the asphalt and seal it with the following steps. After finishing, your child will have a suitable area to play and you will not have to worry about new cracks forming in the asphalt's surface.


  • push broom
  • power washer
  • industrial strength detergent
  • water hose
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • asphalt patch
  • trowel
  • tamping tool
  • vinyl tarps
  • plastic sheeting
  • asphalt sealer
  • squeegee

Clean The Asphalt

Use a push broom to remove debris from the asphalt's surface. Clean the asphalt off with a power washer and industrial strength cleaner. If you do not own a power washer, you can use a regular water hose. Use a scrub brush to remove surface stains from the asphalt. Pay close attention to the damaged section. If there are any loose pieces of asphalt in or around it, remove them with the scrub brush. Rinse the asphalt off with plain water and wait for it to dry. 

Fill The Crack

Use a trowel to fill the crack with asphalt patch. Pack the patch down into the crack as far as you can and flatten the asphalt play area's surface with a tamping tool. Press the tool down firmly to compact the fresh asphalt that was placed in the crack. Smooth out the fresh asphalt with a trowel so that it is uniform with the rest of the asphalt. Wait several hours for the patched area to dry.  

Seal The Play Area

Cover the ground that is adjacent to the play area with vinyl tarps or plastic sheeting so that it is not exposed to the asphalt sealer. Pour some sealer in the corner of the play area. Use a squeegee to spread the sealer across the asphalt in straight lines.

Cover the rest of the play area in the same manner. Be careful while completing this step so that you do not accidentally step onto any portions of the play area that have already been covered with sealer. Once the asphalt is covered, wait for the sealer to dry. This may take a few hours. Test the asphalt's surface with your fingertips to determine when it is completely dry.

The asphalt will be level and provide your child with a suitable area to play. The sealer will last for several years and will prevent the asphalt from being exposed to damage during inclement weather conditions. 

For further assistance, contact a local company, such as Hals Construction.


30 October 2015

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