Want French Doors In Your New Home? Make Sure They Are Secure

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If you are in the process of building a new home, and want to install french doors that open up to the exterior of your home, you need to make security a top priority. With a few smart building decisions, you can enjoy the stylistic benefits of french doors while still keeping your home secure from unwanted guests.

Steel Frame

If you want your french door to be secure, talk to your contractor about installing a steel frame around your french doors instead of a wooden frame. A steel frame is stronger than a wooden frame. It would be much more difficult for an intruder to break down your french doors when the hinges are attached to a steel frame. It should not change the overall look of your french doors. You can purchase a steel frame in a wide variety of colors so that the frame matches your french doors and the rest of your home.

Stronger Hinges

Another way to increase the security of your french doors is to ask your contractor if they can use hinges that require longer screws. Most hinges require relatively short screws, which work great on solid doors. However, when your doors are made of glass, you want to take extra safety precautions. Hinges that require longer screws, anywhere between two inches to four inches, will be more secure since the screws go deeper into the frame. This will make it more difficult for someone to force your french doors open.

Thicker Doors

Not all doors are made the same; you can purchase doors in a wide variety of different thicknesses. Talk to your contractor and see what is the maximum level of thickness that will work with your french doors, and then pick out a french door that can be ordered with those measurements.

Having a thicker door will make it more difficult for a potential thief to break your locks and force open your french doors. 

Stronger Glass

In order to secure your home, you also make sure that the french doors you are interested in purchasing can support stronger glass. You should not put thin glass in your french doors. You should use the thickest and strongest glass option available.

Hurricane glass is a great option for french doors, even if you do not live in an area prone to hurricanes. Hurricane glass includes a layer of plastic in between the glass. This layer of plastic prevents objects that have been turned into flying missiles during hurricanes from penetrating the glass and entering your home during a hurricane. Since this glass is made to withstand breaking when struck by objects in a hurricane, it will be pretty difficult for someone to break the hurricane glass in your french doors and enter your home. 

Additional Locks

Finally, talk with your contractor about all the types of locks you can install to make your french doors secure. If local code permits, see if you can install a double cylinder lock. A double cylinder lock is a deadbolt that requires a key in order to unlock it. 

You should also see if locks can be installed at the top and bottom of each door that you slide up or down into place. This will prevent your doors from flexing inward or outward and will make it more stable and secure. You can also have locks installed that slide across the top of both doors to secure them together. 

If you want to install exterior french doors in your new house, make sure that you talk to your contractor (like Fas Windows and Doors) about how to make your french doors as secure as possible. Be sure to discuss each of the points listed above with your contractor. 


15 October 2015

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