Three Easy Tips For Maintaining Commercial Sliding Doors

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The condition of your storefront can welcome customers in or scare them away, and your sliding glass doors play a big role. Just keeping them polished and sparkling isn't enough. This type of commercial door requires special maintenance and upkeep. And if you neglect to take care of it in the following ways, you'll affect its smooth operation and shorten its life: 

Keep the Track Free of Debris

All sorts of things can find their way into the bottom track of your commercial sliding glass door, including leaves, dirt, gravel, and even trash. Who knows what blows across your parking lot at night? But you can help your doors keep their smooth operation by cleaning the bottom track on a consistent basis. This means getting in there with a vacuum that's been outfitted with a crevice attachment at least once a week. This will eliminate debris before it has time to become lodged and unsightly. A quick once-over with a damp cloth afterward will ensure that unsightly dust, chewing gum, and stuck-on dirt go bye-bye as well. 

Remove and Clean the Door

At regular intervals, you should remove your glass doors from their track and take time to thoroughly clean and lubricate the rollers that feed along the track. Some doors will simply lift off the track with minimal effort; others will require a professional to remove and clean them. It may seem like a bit of a hassle to perform this chore once or twice a year, but the extra work will be worth it when you extend the life of your doors. Contact a local sliding door outlet, such as S & J Door Inc, for this type of assistance.

Replace Worn-Out Parts

Just like any other piece of machinery that boasts moving parts, pieces of your sliding glass doors may occasionally need to be replaced. Most often, this includes the rollers that feed along the track, the track itself, the glass inside the doors, or the weatherstripping that runs alongside. Any one of these elements can fail over time, making your doors look unsightly and causing them to work improperly. It's important to inspect sliding glass commercial doors intermittently to look for signs of mechanical failure or wear and tear. This will help keep your customers safe, your inventory secure, and your storefront looking sharp. 

First impressions are huge when it comes to retail property. Make sure your storefront is sending the right message by keeping your commercial sliding doors looking sharp and working properly.  


8 October 2015

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