Not So Benign Neglect: Don't Ignore Existing Seawalls

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Whether or not you're a believer in climate change, there's no doubting that coastal water levels are rising if your land floods more and more at each high tide or storm. Seawalls do an excellent job of keeping water out, but they have to be inspected and shored up periodically. If you own coastal property that is protected by seawalls and it's been a while since you had them checked out, it's time to do so.

Underwater Erosion

Leaving a seawall alone can set your property up for flooding and destruction. Seawall material sits in the sand underwater with an ample amount of the seawall actually buried. As water hits the seawall, it gradually moves a little of the sand away from the base of the wall. As the gap where the sand used to be gets bigger, more water can hit the part of the seawall that was previously buried. Eventually, enough of the sand that was stabilizing the wall is washed away, and the wall can collapse.

But if you have the wall regularly checked by a marine construction contractor, you can have eroded spots filled back in. If the wall has started to lean or fall, the contractor can replace it or straighten the current wall. It is much cheaper to have the wall inspected frequently than to have to deal with water damage restoration after a high tide inundates your property.

New Seawalls

Marine contractors can also extend the wall if needed. As water levels rise at the coast, more and more areas will need to be protected from the tides. These can include areas in deltas, for example, that previously weren't affected by coastal flooding. But as water goes up, the ability of that water to reach further inland increases. So, extra seawalls may be needed to combat those effects.

Marine contractors can also erect temporary walls so that your property is protected while you decide what to do. If water levels are becoming high on part of your property, you might want to have any structures in that area moved away. A temporary seawall can buy you some time to get the job done. Whether you then have a permanent seawall erected or you remove the temporary one depends on how the rising water is affecting the rest of your land.

If you need to get a seawall inspected or extended, contact a marine construction contractor, like Abbott's Construction Services Inc., as soon as possible.


28 July 2015

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