3 Ways A Sign Installation Team Can Help You Work With Local Restrictions

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Adding signage to your building and the surrounding area is the fastest way to increase the amount of foot and vehicle traffic you receive. Since you can order relatively inexpensive signs from the Internet or companies around the world, it's tempting to handle the installation yourself. Here are three good reasons to entrust your new signs to the professionals instead.

Quick Setup and Removal

Are you interested in running a promotion or event that needs extensive advertising? Your local county or city zoning board probably wants you to take the signs down very quickly after the event is over. Hiring a trained team to install all your signs means the advertising to get the word out goes up in mere hours, then comes down just as fast after the big day is over. There's no need to scramble after spending a hard day organizing an event to grab all the signs yourself or face a fine due to outdated temporary signs.

Identifying Open Zones

It's also easier to figure out where you can place a new sign when you're working with an installation team. An installation team will know the exact weight supporting requirements for mounting lighted channel letters and will be up to date on clearances for electrically powered signs versus non-lit signs. If you don't know these specifics yourself, it's probably best to turn to the professionals during the planning phase as well.

This advice is especially important when you want to install a monument or free-standing sign in the parking lot or road median near your business. Once you're off your property, the guidelines for advertising get much more complicated.

Permitting Assistance

You don't just need to figure out where to put your sign when investing in a new one, you likely need to get a permit for it from the city or county government. Many sign installation companies offer to do the research and footwork for you to secure these permits before they begin working. If you're too busy running your business to spend half a day at the local courthouse or a municipal office to get the information you need, outsource it to someone familiar with the rules and regulations.

Even if it's just a particular large banner for hanging over your store's entrance, let a professional team of sign installers handle it for you. Contact a professional sign installation company like Hickory Sealing & Striping to start discussing your options. You'll save time, get a great looking installation, avoid problems with code enforcement, and prevent the accidents waiting to happen when you ask untrained employees to climb on ladders and handle power equipment.


2 June 2015

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