Keep Yourself And Your Employees Safe If A Fire Starts

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Add safety features to your business and teach your employees the proper procedures to take if they are faced with a fire. Here's a plan to follow so that everyone in your company will know how to handle a fire emergency.

Security Features

Purchase fire sprinklers and alarms and have them installed in your business. Set up appointments each year to have a fire marshal inspect the premises. They will make sure that your equipment is up to code and working properly. A fire extinguisher should be placed on each floor of your business. If you have an older fire extinguisher or one that has previously been used, the marshal will assist you with having a replacement installed. Your business will be inspected for potential fire hazards and guidance will be given if any problems are found.

Evacuation Plan

Prepare an evacuation plan that is clearly posted inside your business for employees and others to see. Practice this plan with your employees several times throughout the year. Make sure that fire exits are labeled and that there are multiple ways to exit the building. If you operate out of a business that is several stories high, have an outdoor stairway installed and give your employees have access to it. Keep hallways and staircases clean and orderly so that people can use them safely.

Whenever a new employee is hired, teach them about the evacuation plan and address any concerns that they have. If everyone is confident about the steps that need to be taken, they will be less likely to panic if they are faced with a fire.

Safety Courses

Sign up for fire safety courses for you and your employees to participate in. A certified instructor will teach everyone about fire hazards and how to keep work areas safe. If combustible materials are commonly used in your business, the instructor will teach everyone how to handle these items and store them the proper way. Each person will be instructed about the correct way to use a fire extinguisher in case they are ever faced with a small fire. Some fires can safely be put out if they are in a contained area.

The instructor will instruct each person on how to identify the severity of fires and stress the importance of making quick decisions if a potential hazard is present. In most situations, it is always wisest to leave the building and call the fire department immediately.

After preparing yourself and your employees in case of a fire, there will be a better chance that everyone will escape the building safely if an emergency strikes.


18 May 2015

Those Cold, January Nights

When I was in college, I lived in an old house just south of the university campus with five other girls. When we came back from Christmas break, the heater was broken. The beginning of January was the coldest time of the year, and because it was the weekend, the heating company couldn't come fix it for a few days. My roommates and I pulled our mattresses into the front room and slept all together to keep warm. Two weeks later, our heater broke again! That time we ended up getting a completely new furnace. Needless to say, we got to be good friends with the heating contractor that month, and it was a good experience that led to the creation of this blog.