New Travertine Flooring? 3 Tips for Proper Maintenance

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If you just had travertine tile flooring installed, then you need to learn how to care for it now. You can't treat it like any old flooring and mop it with harsh chemicals that can ruin it. You likely chose travertine for its unique beauty, so care for it properly to preserve that beauty for as long as the flooring is in place. Follow these three tips for travertine that lasts and looks great. 

1. Respect Its Porosity

Travertine tile is porous, so that means that everything that comes into contact with it doesn't just rest on the surface, especially liquids. Grade A travertine is less porous than commercial grade travertine, but it is still porous enough that you don't want to clean it with harsh chemicals that will seep into the pores. 

Wipe up spills immediately, as the longer liquids stay on the tile, the more it will seep into them. It can be a good idea to have a small spray bottle filled with water handy in your home at all times, so when something spills on the floor, you can immediately wipe it clean. 

Don't be tempted to put a splash of white vinegar in the water bottle, because even though vinegar is typically considered a mild cleaning agent, its acidity makes it something you don't even want touching your travertine.

2. Hire a Professional Floor Cleaner to Teach You the Right Way to Clean It

Cleaning travertine floors could be considered an art. It can seem very complicated, even when following explicit instructions. For that reason, it is best to hire a professional to come clean your floors the first couple of times they need cleaned, and you can then tackle the job on your own after you have watched a couple of times. 

A mild stone soap is often used during the cleaning process. A section of tile is sprayed lightly with the cleaning solution, then wiped clean very quickly before the cleaning solution becomes embedded in the pores. This is done over and over in small sections until the entire floor is finished. 

You have to know just how much to spray, as too much can damage your floors, but too little may not get your floor clean enough. 

3. Have Your Floor Sealed Annually

You shouldn't have to worry about it for another year if your floor was immediately sealed after installation, but in a year you should seal it again. Sealant does not make your travertine flooring non-porous, but it does help keep it more stain resistant and resistant to water damage. 

Travertine flooring has a unique beauty that you want to preserve for many years. When you care for it right, you can keep it looking clean and new for many years to come. For assistance, tlak to a travertine tile cleaner.



1 May 2015

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