What Are the Benefits of Frameless Shower Doors?

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If you are thinking about upgrading the glass shower doors in your bathroom, you have two main options; traditional framed shower doors or frameless ones. While you are remodeling is the perfect opportunity to consider whether you want to stick with the traditional ones or go more modern and choose frameless. Here are some benefits of frameless glass shower doors to help you decide if they are right for you.

They Have a Sleek Style

The aesthetic appeal of frameless shower doors is often what motivates people to choosing them. If you have ever had a good look at bathrooms with these doors, you understand the appeal. Frameless shower doors have an undeniable sleek and modern feel to them. Since they don't have frames, you can see inside the shower better as well, which is great if you have beautiful tile in your shower that you want to show off. For a modern bathroom, these are the perfect option.

The Glass is Thicker and More Stable

It may seem that frameless shower doors are delicate and break easily, but the opposite is true. When they are made without metal around the doors, the glass slabs used is much thicker. It is considerably thicker than framed doors. You will notice the difference when you open the doors, as the thickness adds to its weight considerably. This can be a benefit if you're looking for long-lasting shower doors.

They Are Easier to Clean

Having trouble getting your shower doors clean because of the frames getting in the way? This is no longer an issue when you don't have those pesky metal frames around the doors. They are definitely easier to clean, especially around the edges of the doors. You don't have metal strips to clean, and you can clean around the edges of glass without any trouble. Since there is nowhere for extra water and soap residue to collect, frameless shower doors also have less mildew and mold overall.

There Are More Options

When looking at how they are mounted and what direction they open, you have multiple options with frameless shower doors. Traditional shower doors usually only open outward because of the frame and hinges, but without a frame, you might be able to have them open inward. By having a door that opens inside the shower, the door can work as a barrier between the water and the floor outside. You won't have so much water spraying out of the shower onto your bathroom floor when the doors open. It is also easier to move the hinges to a different side of the shower doors, such as from the left to the right.


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