5 Tips To Save Money When Purchasing Your New Air Conditioner

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Keeping your family nice and cool during the summer is obviously a top priority. If you need to invest in a new air conditioning system, however, you could worry about how much you are going to have to spend. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to save money on your new AC purchase.

1. Make Sure the AC is Appropriately-Sized

If you purchase a new air conditioning unit that is too small, you will have a hard time keeping your home cool. This doesn't mean that you should automatically opt for a huge air conditioner, however; otherwise, you could spend far too much on your unit and your monthly cooling costs. Instead, make sure that you use a calculator to help you determine the right-sized air conditioner for your needs.

2. Look for Applicable Rebates

Every now and then, you might be able to secure a sales tax exemption or a special discount for purchasing a new, Energy Star-rated, energy-efficient air conditioning system. Use Energy Star's rebate finder to look for any rebates that you might qualify for.

3. Ask for a Refurbished Model

Some heating and air conditioning companies sell refurbished air conditioning units. Basically, you'll be able to enjoy the cost savings of purchasing a used unit, but you can feel good in knowing that your unit has been refurbished by the manufacturer. It should operate just like new, and many of these units do come with warranties.

4. Cut Down on Labor Costs

If you make it easier for your heating and cooling professional to install your air conditioner, you can save on labor costs. In the outdoor area surrounding your air conditioning unit, get rid of any weeds, grass and other lawn debris that could be in the way of your contractor. Indoors, make sure that you move things out of the way so that your contractor can get to your fuse box, vents and other areas of your home. By preparing these areas as well as possible, you can cut down on the hours that the contractor spends at your home. Since many companies charge for labor by the hour, this is a great way to save money.

5. Call During the Off-Season

Everyone is looking to buy a new air conditioner or have their existing unit repaired and maintained as the weather begins to heat up. If you call and inquire about purchasing an air conditioner during the off-season, however, you might be able to score a discount. Start shopping for your air conditioner during the winter to find the best deal.

As you can see, purchasing a new air conditioner doesn't have to be as expensive as you think. For more information, contact Affordable Comfort Heating and Cooling or a similar company.


2 April 2015

Those Cold, January Nights

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