How Black Streaks of Algae Can Harm a Roof & How to Get Rid of Them


Does your roof make the exterior of your home look bad because it is covered in black streaks? The problem with your roof is likely that there is a large amount of algae spores growing on the shingles. Below, learn how the algae spores can cause more harm than you may think if you don't pay a roofer to get rid of the streaks in a timely manner.

How Can Algae Spores Cause Harm to a Roof?

The black streaks caused from algae are harmful to your roof because the asphalt shingles can begin to deteriorate from the spores. Asphalt shingles contain a material called limestone that algae is known to consume. However, algae spores are also detrimental to the deck of your roof. The limestone in shingles is important because they are the main aspect of shingles protecting the roof deck, while also adding appeal to the roof. Eventually, you can end up needing to replace the roof altogether once the limestone is destroyed by algae.

Interior water damage can lead to the paint on your walls and ceiling becoming discolored. However, the most detrimental aspect of water damage is that mold can grow in the the cavities of the walls. Mold is not only damaging to your home, but it can cause you to become ill if it is black mold. Getting rid of algae spores is the best way to not have to worry about interior damage from a roof leak.

What Should a Homeowner Do About Black Streaks on a Roof?

The smartest thing you can do about black streaks from algae is hire a roofer (such as JT Roofing) to pressure wash the shingles for you. The roofer will basically use water to spray away the spores, but bleach may also be used in the water. Using water and bleach alone is not what makes pressure washing the shingles effective for algae removal. It is the amount of force coming from the equipment that makes pressure washing effective. The force from the equipment is so strong that it can damage your shingles if you attempt trying to use pressure washing equipment on your own.

The exterior of a house is more appealing when the roof is clean and in good shape. Don't allow black algae streaks to eat away the limestone in your shingles and destroy your roof. Make an appointment with a roofer so he or she can visit your home and get rid of the harmful spores!


20 March 2015

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