3 Ways To Do Water Treatment At Home In An Emergency

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When there is no clean water or no water at all running through the city pipes, you may have to find another way to get and clean your water. Here are 3 of the best ways to treat water so that it is safe for drinking and using on a daily basis.

Chlorine Tablets

First, chlorine tablets will work well if you have barrels of water that have been sitting for a couple of years or longer. While this water does not have contaminants if it was taken from the clean tap water, it can be poisonous after it sits for a long time.

If you were to drink water that had been sitting in barrels for several years, you could get really sick. To avoid this problem, keep some chlorine tablets on hand that you can throw into the barrels before consuming the water.

Make sure that the tablets are fully dissolved, and keep several on hand in case you need to fill the barrels and clean the water again.

Hand Pump Filters

Second, you should keep a hand pump filter in your home so that you can purify water from lakes, rivers, and streams. These filters are usually quite small, and you can often attach a bladder to them so that the water will run through the filter and into the clean bag. This makes cleaning and storing the water a simple task.

Before you buy a filter, make sure that you get one that can filter thousands of gallons of water before the filter needs to be replaced. In an emergency situation, you may be out of clean water for several weeks, and your filter will have to get you through each day.

One of the main reasons to use this kind of filter is that it will stop bacteria, germs, and contaminants from flowing into the clean drinking bladder. You can feel perfectly safe drinking the water once it has run through the filter, and you can also use the water for bathing.

Homemade Filters

Lastly, consider making some homemade filters that you can store in your home. These filters are easy to make and require very few materials.

To start, you need a 2 liter plastic bottle, some newspaper, some small pebbles, and some charcoal. Cut the bottom of the 2 liter bottle off so that it is flat, and add a couple of newspaper clips to the bottle where the funnel is. Make sure that the newspaper is somewhat crumpled and fully covers the small pour spout.

Next, layer a couple of rows of charcoal, and then may a layer of pebbles that is a few inches thick. This is all you need to do to create the filter.

When you pour water in, it will run through the pebbles and stop some contaminants, and then it will run through the charcoal, which is a natural water cleanser. Finally, the water will go through the paper, and the paper wills top any particles from entering into the clean drinking container.

By having one or more of these options on hand, you can be better prepared to treat water in an emergency. Talk to experts like Waterman911 for more information.


10 March 2015

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