What Can You Do With Fallen Trees?


Fallen trees and dying trees can be an annoying liability for urban and suburban homes. They're difficult to get rid of without the proper tools, require a lot of physical labor if they're large enough and the service may feel like an expensive garbage removal if you don't get anything out of it. Rather than just having the tree chopped and hauled off, consider a few different things you could do with the leftover wood.

Creating Healthy Mulch And Covering

Not all wood is useful for basic purposes such as firewood. Some woods hold in a lot of moisture, and unless you have available space to allow wood to dry, you should consider using the wood as mulch instead.

A tree removal service can shred and grind the wood into a combination of sawdust and wood chips that can be latter used for plant health. You can either sow garden soil with the mulch to enhance the richness or use the mulch to cover certain plants.

Strawberries, for example, need a covering during the winter to avoid dying from frost during their winter growing cycle. Plastic tarps can be used, but are not environmentally friendly. Pine straw is useful, but can fly away easily. Wood mulch can perform the same job while giving a decent amount of weight to avoid being tossed away be light winds and may even be mixed with pine straw for a much more useful pine covering.

Woodworking Hobby Preparation

If you're into making furniture, carving figurines or more specific items such as baseball bats, your fallen trees may be a great way to get some entertainment and skill out of a troublesome situation.

Ask the tree removal specialists if they're able to remove the bark and some exterior wood. If you or the removal specialists have a wood lathe, you can reduce the tree into logs that can be more easily worked with when you're ready.

Make sure to have a proper storage area for your new working lumber. If your area has termites or is being affected by the weather, it may be best to keep the wood inside and in a storage bin until you're ready to work with it.

Be careful when using wood that has been struck with lightning. There may be a lot of internal damage that could be useless for your project, but not immediately obvious until you begin cutting. Cut through the wood in a few areas before investing too much time in the project to make sure that you have solid lumber.

Contact a tree removal team like Pete & Ron's Tree Service to get those fallen trunks and limbs out of your yard and into a productive project.


2 March 2015

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