3 Different Customizations That You Can Add To Your Gate

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Many people want to have a gate installed at the front of their home because it not only makes their home look safer, but also it allows them to personalize their property. This gate is generally installed to go right over the driveway, making it easy for you to drive up your driveway once it is opened. Since you will likely want to customize your gate before it is ever created or installed, it is important to think of these customizations beforehand. This article will discuss 3 different customizations that you can add to your gate. 

A Voiced Entry System

A great way to customize your gate and make it safer is to have a voiced entry system installed. This entry system will require any guests or visitors without an access code to call the house before the gate opens to allow them to come inside. This call can either be connected to your home phone or your cell phone depending on what you prefer. The guests will have to talk with you before entering, meaning that only those you want inside can come inside. This voice entry system can come with a camera if you would like, allowing you to see your guests as well. This entry system can also alarm you when someone is leaving your home, making it much harder for your teenage children to sneak out. 

Custom Welded Lettering And/Or Designs

A fun way to customize your gate is to have custom lettering and designs welded right onto the design of your gate. You can have your family name welded onto the gate. You can also have a particular symbol or picture that represents your family welded onto your gate as well. The lettering and other pictures or symbols can be welded onto the top of your gate, the middle of your gate, or can be placed on an arch that hangs over the top of your gate. 

Stone Pillars

If you don't want to have your entire gate made of steel, you can personalize it by adding some stone pillars to either side of the gate. There are a variety of colors and types of stone that you can choose from, allowing you to make your gate look exactly how you want it. You can also choose the thickness and height of the pillars. The steel gate will then be directly attached to the stone, giving it a very elegant and classy finished look.

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13 February 2015

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