Three Ideas To Hide Your Unsightly Recycling Bins And Make Them More Attractive

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Whether you have recycling bins for your home or business, these can be unsightly additions to your property. The bins for your home can also be difficult to carry to the curb every time they need to be picked up. This is why you may want to consider some ways to make your recycling bins more attractive. This can be an enclosure for large recycling bins, or a rolling cart for bins that you leave on the curb at home. If you want to make your recycling bins more attractive, here are three ideas that may help you:

1. Creating A Wood Enclosure For Large Recycling Containers

If you have a large recycling area for a business, you may want to have an enclosure for the containers like you do for trash containers. This can be a wood enclosure that is made of picket fencing materials. If the recyclable materials in your area are color coded, you can use a colored wood stain to make the enclose the same as the containers. This is great for businesses that have large recycling containers that are in public view, and need to have something to improve their appearance.

2. Rolling Cart For Small Residential Recycling Bins

For your home, you may have many different types of recycling containers. These are often small basket like boxes that you have to carry to the curb when they need to be picked up. A simple cart to organize these will make it easier to organize your recyclable goods, as well as carry them to the curb when it is time for them to be picked up. You can do this by using caster wheels and building a cart with shelves on it. You will want to make sure that there is enough space between each of the shelves for the height of the containers. You can also do this with old kitchen carts if you have some that the containers will fit on, and just replace the wheels for larger ones to make it easier to move around.

3. Fixed Recycling Container Center For Small Goods

If you have a business that deals with the public, you may want recycling containers for your clients or customers. You can build wooden trash bin covers that have a place for different materials like glass, paper and plastic. This is a great idea for commercial businesses like restaurants. You can also use a soldering iron to burn custom recycling icons on the wood of your recycling container enclosure.

These are some things that you can do to make your recycling bins more attractive. If you do not have recycling bins, you can contact a vendor of recycling bins to get the containers you need for these projects.


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